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your personal, voice activated, bedside assistant

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ivee is one of the most advanced and intelligent speech recognition devices available. She listens and responds to your verbal commands, telling you the time, date, temperature, and much more. To get started, simply say "hello ivee" and she'll take it from there.

ivee needs no training. Thanks to her Natural Language Processor (NLP), she's ready to talk and understand right out of the box. Want to set an alarm for tomorrow? Just say “Set Alarm 1.” Want ivee to activate her night light? Let her know.

ivee is equipped with the latest generation NLP with speed and accuracy never before seen in a product like ivee. The NLP's processing power allows for quick and accurate recognition of commands. You're never kept waiting. It just works.


ivee's Natural Language Processor (NLP) was developed using the sounds of thousands of different voices from all over North America. ivee can understand a wide variety of accents too. You don't need perfect diction for her to understand you.

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ivee's NLP processes 72 million instructions per second (MIPS). This makes her 5x more powerful than other voice recognition devices.

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No Training

ivee's voice recognition is speaker independent, meaning she can listen and understand anyone without prior training. Learn more

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