General FAQs

1. ivee does not hear my commands.

It's important to remember that you can NOT give a command while ivee is speaking. Speak clearly within a 5 to 10 foot range for best results.

2. When I say "Hello ivee" (pronounced "ivy"), ivee doesn't respond.

Make sure the Voice / Touch switch on the back of the unit is set to Voice and try again, speaking clearly.

3. How do I know if ivee is telling AM or PM time?

When ivee is in AM time, an "AM" icon will appear on the LED/LCD. When ivee is in PM time, a "PM" icon will appear on the LED. In addition, when setting the time, if you do not specify AM or PM, ivee will default to AM.

4. ivee confuses numbers when setting the time or alarm.

Some words like "nine" and "five" sound similar. Try again, speaking loud and clear. Talk to ivee like you are talking to a person.

5. I cannot activate the alarm.

After saying "Hello ivee" (pronounced "ivy") say "Set Alarm" to set and turn the alarm on. To turn off or cancel the alarm, say "Turn Off Alarm." Manually, you can turn the alarm on by pressing or ALARM 2 . A number (1 or 2) and an icon ( or ) will appear indicating which alarm is on.

6. How do I make the alarm stop ringing once it sounds, but still make sure it rings again tomorrow?

You can touch any button to make the alarm stop ringing except for the LED/LCD, the + or , and the or button. Tapping the LED/LCD will activate the snooze feature. You can also say "Turn Alarm [1 or 2] Off

7. What happens if the power goes out?

ivee is equipped with a back-up battery that will ensure that the alarms sound. When the power is out the LED/LCD will not show and a buzzer will sound as the alarm sound. There is a 100 hour maximum length that the button cell will last.

8. How do I disable the alarm completely so it doesn't ring at all?

By voice, you can say "Turn Off Alarm [1 or 2]." Manually, you can also press Alarm 1 or Alarm 2. Pressing these buttons will switch between Alarm Sound, Radio Alarm, and Alarm Off. Press the button until you get to the Alarm Off option. When the alarm is off, the alarm number (1 or 2) and icon will no longer appear on the LED/LCD.

9. How do I interrupt ivee from speaking?

Touching any button.

10. How do I reset ivee?

Use the reset button located on the bottom.